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QPi aims to enable educators to deliver engaging computer science and technology education. We combine best practices from project-based learning and flipped classroom models. Join our pilot program to bring hands-on tech projects to your classroom.

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Everything you need to bring computer science into the classroom

Our pilot program will provide all of the features free of charge. Space is limited.

Easy Set Up

Our tried and true set up method makes getting started easy and painless. We will provide all materials needed for your projects. You'll be able to get the students going in no time.

Accessible Curriculum

Our starter robot car curriculum will let your students dive right into hands-on projects and learn coding using Rasberry Pi™. We provide lesson content that includes videos and graphics.

Technical Support

Don't know why the wheel is spinning backward instead of forward? We're here for you. Our engineers can help explain concepts from semi-colons to H-bridges.

Attend a facilitator workshop

Free and open to all educators, get a crash course on our courses

Join a workshop to learn how Raspberry Pi™ projects can be used to engage students in cutting-edge technology topics. Meet other motivated educators and share best practices.

After the workshop, you should be comfortable with using Raspberry Pi™ and be able to apply the projects to your own classroom or program.

Learn more about the workshop in our Medium article.

Come back to find out when our next one is! Expected early May.
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Class Spotlight

Featuring great stories, people and milestones

QPi's pioneer pilot program was implemented in partnership with the FIRST Robotics Team 841 at Richmond High School in Richmond, CA. More than a dozen youths took part in the six-week program facilitated by volunteer engineer Aaron Hu. The program ended with a festive celebration and lots of remote-control car racing.

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